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    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?

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    Recently, the United States, Changhong, Gree, Haier household appliances industry giants cross-border into the field of robotics. Increasing competition in the industry now, and why the industry giants have joined the field of robotics? Wherein both the household electrical appliance enterprises own production automation upgrade requirements, but also to catch up with the industry downturn of home appliances business industrial upgrading urgently. However, some analysts pointed out that cross-border investment in the robotics industry can not be "Zhaofaxizhi." These appliances in China "every move" will lead to industry concern and hot companies, almost at the same time, did the same thing: to promote the comprehensive intelligent appliances, and explore new business outlet layout artificial intelligence. In the future the huge robot market who can dominate in this new era of it?
    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?
           1, Changhong, the world's first artificial intelligence TV
           July 28, 2016, Changhong announced the world's first artificial intelligence TV, smart TV imparting knowledge, decision-making and new features such as artificial intelligence feedback, so having had only one IQ television, beginning with self-learning, self growth Ability. TV can finally let everyone in the family to understand the individual needs and preferences.
    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?
           It is understood that artificial intelligence is just a new starting point Changhong TV, the next will also continue in force white goods, giving intelligent interactive appliances from the past, to learn and the ability to think intelligently. Then for different family members, provide different service programs.
           In fact, the introduction of artificial intelligence Changhong appliance is not accidental. As early as March this year, it has released the world's first IOT operating platform UP, then white again as a platform to release food, air and water for the three-dimensionality of Newell home ecosystem. This once again set off a new artificial intelligence appliance outlet is undoubtedly a natural thing.
           Changhong and recently with the global technology provider ABB industrial robot reached a strategic cooperation, will focus on industrial robots carry out in-depth cooperation in the application of development, production and systems integration, marking Changhong entered the industrial robot. The two sides also set up a joint laboratory robotics applications, in order to overcome the key technology-related fields.
           2, the United States, M & A library card domineering side leakage
           Outside the United States for the first time to uncover the mystery of the wisdom of the United States Air ecosystem. And from i + Intelligent air conditioning, air + intelligent equipment, home + smart home, cloud + intelligent cloud four levels to complete the US air connection from the smart hardware, systems, smart home to intelligent cloud integration layout, in order to achieve self-innovation and openness create the integration and docking.
           Meanwhile, the US side is also the first time the smart air conditioning: instead of adding a WiFi module, also relates to the use of sensors, infrared, voice recognition, etc. to achieve a simple gesture scenarios, as well as inductive reasoning ability and adaptive environmental stress, including smart to know people , self-learning, intelligent air and so on.
           Although the US air-conditioning did not mention the concept of artificial intelligence, but through a strategic framework that four and cloud integration, hardware and software integration layout can be seen: it has successfully completed from a single product of intelligent air conditioning detonated the wisdom home, intelligent cloud platform docking. By Ali cloud cloud millet, Jingdong cloud music as cloud and Huawei cloud platform to participate can be seen, the United States is seeking a new cloud platform of intelligent air conditioning off.
    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?
           In June this year, the US group to acquire the world's four robotic manufacturing companies - KUKA message "blockbuster" Currently, the US tender offer is progressing well. Since June 16 the United States to a share price of 115 euros to a library card issued by an official offer, as of August 8, the United States has held a total of 94.55% stake in the library card, and therefore the United States became the world's largest money.
    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?
           3, Haier, the world's first "natural wind" smart air conditioning
           Haier it to "let you know better air" as the theme detonated 2017 cold years, and will launch the world's first blow "natural wind" intelligent self-cleaning air conditioning, and air-conditioning industry's first big data platform. Fully open by the air conditioner network upgrade to big data intelligence. And at the US air-conditioning the same purpose that the Haier air conditioning is not only intelligent single product release, also unveiled large data systems and platforms, indicating its own upgrade iteration of new air-conditioning are based on large data systems.
           Haier air-conditioning, the one hand, in recent years, its focus on "self-cleaning" air conditioning this star product, constantly around the "air" issue, has been based in the home environment to create an air of wisdom ecosystem, and promote the healthy air conditioning technology iteration; another aspects of the intelligence around the trend, and the formation of the accumulation of large user data, the real intelligence given to air conditioning, multi-dimensional relationship between the air and the people.
    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?
           4, Gree, innovation to explore a new way
           Gree is more focused on master independent core "technology." Dong Mingzhu view, buying alone can not be bought back to the core technology, independent innovation is the real way out. Thus, Gree robots do not select acquisitions, but his recruiting technical personnel, independent research and development. Gree starting in 2013 entered the field of intelligent equipment upstream of the past few years invested 200 billion yuan. "The future is the development of Gree robot production, with production automation equipment automation equipment." Dong Mingzhu repeatedly said in public.
           Home appliance industry into a downturn in demand for diversified background in business to catch up industrial upgrading of the air. Some analysts pointed out that the future development of Chinese home appliance giant, intelligent manufacturing-oriented layout and customize the system to create the right to speak, is essential. The robot has a research and development, manufacturing and collaboration capability is undoubtedly the "most important."
    True love is only a robot which appliance giant?
           But this Robot "asset-heavy, heavy, heavy ecological" new industry, is definitely not an ordinary household electrical appliance enterprises can not enter the industry. It also determines the high threshold for only a few giant new game business, the profit of the rich, imagination beyond the current home appliance industry. However, cross-border business from home appliances to industrial robots, is not an easy task. Emphasize high tech and industrial robot technology, need long-term accumulation, "Zhaofaxizhi" almost impossible; selecting M & A business, after integration, there are some challenges.

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